Will The Circle Be Unbroken by BioShock: Infinite OST

“Because it's still kinda haunting me today.”

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Because it's still kinda haunting me today.

direcow 31 Mar 2013

A better home a'waitin' in the sky.

PhilipYount 8 Apr 2013


Lanuria 30 Mar 2013

Just finished Bioshock Infinite, and man, that game hit me right in the feels. Such a brilliant game.

marie_smith280 5 Apr 2013

I love the way music is used in this game. I'm not much for religion, but this song is achingly beautiful.

vincelocke7 8 May 2013

Finalized the cosplay plans aw yiss let the stitchery begin

anwaien 17 Jan 2015