Bachelorette by Björk


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I've never been obsessed by Bjork but I was recently reminded that this album (Homogenic) is quite good.   2

Ewan_M 12 Aug 2013

This vide freaked out MTV. Let me explain, though my memory may be a little hazy. TRL used to have a segment where they chose a video of the week that would go on heavy rotation. It won the first two studio votes, and the host (Carson Daly?) looked a little concerned. When it won the week Carson was completely befuddled and asked this girl, "why do you like this? It's pretty strange." She replied, "I've never seen anything like it it's awesome!" The crowd cheered, Carson looked defeated. The same thing happened for the David Byrne song Miss America. The segment was cancelled not long after that. Can't have the kids picking what they like.

Mercurywaxing 24 Mar 2015


Zergonoid 16 Jul 2014

Bjork...because she's brilliant....   1

DiamondDog 10 Aug 2013

I love everything about this.

wdonohue 16 Sep 2014

One day, I found a big book buried deep in the ground. I opened it, but all the pages were blank.   And to my surprise, it started writing itself.   One day, I found a big book buried deep in the ground   8

pjcj 7 Aug 2013