Big Time Sensuality by Björk


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but liljuros was first  

All the talk of the 90's at the moment yet no-one has mentioned this lady. The first time I saw her live was one of my most memorable concerts.

garyfrancis 17 Jun 2015

We just met, and I know I'm a bit too intimate. But something huge is coming up, and we're both included. It's takes courage to enjoy it. The hardcore and the gentle.

beetleginny 24 Apr 2015

This is the "night" version of the video rather than the more commonly seen "day" version.   5

pjcj 25 Nov 2012

Because #iceland

amyrl 25 Mar 2015

I've been in that Bjork mood the last couple of days = Eveything else sounds redundant compared to that Bjorkish-Bjork entity...

Matan 1 May 2014

week mood

gugajansen 7 Aug 2015