Jóga by Björk


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(Live Voltaic)   2

Zgubidanica 18 Mar 2013

Beautiful Bjork

cainullah 20 Jan 2012

I adore Björk!   20

abigail.deeks 16 Jul 2014

See you in let's loop! #LongLiveTIMJ Another of the songs of my life. OMG this beautiful woman, I saw her 2 times and twice I thought she's not really a human, she's something better, magical. From Atlantis, perhaps? jajaja.   2

laurafantyz 18 Aug 2015

Follow the dot.

jdeleven 11 Mar 2015

Just listened to 'Homogenic' for the first time. Great music. Still yet to listen to the latest Bjork album.   8

Yakuza_Sloth 3 Feb 2015