Play Dead by Björk


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Because Pluto, and Björk.

wdonohue 14 Jul 2015

This oughta have been a James Bond theme song. (It's co-written and produced by Bond composer David Arnold.)

Bully 15 May 2014

I love this woman. Apparently so does my two years old daughter.

DrMartin 1 Feb 2015

Without the drums or bass. Now THIS is a string arrangement.

simonth 7 Dec 2011

Theme: RIP Mark Bell Just simply my favorite Björk song and from one of my favorite albums of all time. Pluto is co-produced and co-written by her and Mark Bell.

Mercurywaxing 16 Oct 2014

Because I got my memorial wrong. This one's for Mark Bell.

AlabasterC 14 Oct 2014