Let the Day Begin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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they're back, michael and all :)   2

juepucta 21 Jan 2013

Celebrating the arrival of my baby daughter! Here's to you, my little love!   4

sephiros 6 Jul 2015

I have the impression that every Black Rebel album has many great songs, but is never as consistent as it should be. Which album would you recommend to change my vision?   6

pabloldias 11 Jul 2013

Track of the day: http://news.qthemusic.com/2013/01/black_rebel_motor_cycle_club_-.html

QMagazine 23 Jan 2013

This actually got me a bit misty-eyed on my first listen. A poignant and uplifting tribute.

silvershroud 26 Mar 2013

Good cover and fitting tribute.

JasonNeel 14 Jun 2014