Galaxie by Blind Melon

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I was not into the song "No Rain" when it came out. It was all right, but it didn't grab me. This song grabbed me. It being 1995, I immediately went out and bought the album, Soup. The rest of the songs on Soup don't really rock as hard as "Galaxie", but I actually liked the rest of the album even more. I started listening to it a ton, and was getting really excited about Blind Melon when Shannon Hoon died. That was a sad, sad day. The music remains, though, and I'm grateful for that.

Dedalvs 22 Sep 2014

The song is great in spite of the movie...

Tashiro__ 21 Jan 2014

1995. Blind Melon was always worth more than a glance. Their thrashing guitars from the alternative rock sound was embellished by the fine vocal talents of Shannon Hoon. Hoon knew his way around a song, knew how to vary a vocal line. This song was released as a single from their 2nd album, 'Soup'. The whole album is not quite standard alternative rock fodder, the opening of this track has New Orleans street jazz firmly marching through the first 50 seconds whilst Hoon wheels his words around in semi-counterpoint with tremendous ease. Hoon unfortunately died from a cocaine overdose not long after the albums release and thus Blind Melon's trail to bigger and bigger things was sadly halted. I always felt Hoon's musical interpretations to be instinctive and well supported by his band. Apart from the delicious jazz opening, I particularly like the unsettled edgy verses releasing into the easy rhythms of the chorus. Like Nirvana, the 1990s Blind Melon had strengths where it counted.   1

karenmonid 13 Jul 2013

Great opener to an incredible (and incredibly underrated) album. Crazy to think that it's been twenty years since this one dropped.   1

gruntled 18 Aug 2015