Atomic by Blondie

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#5. Shame the first few seconds are cut from the video   18

mloup 5 Mar 2013

Before the Madonna love came the Blondie love. A pure love of a young girl who's mum worked a lot so basically blondie and servalan were my hero's, backed up by wonder woman. Madge was my teenage years and therefore merges with boy stuff.. Blondie my 8/9 year old self and so is pure me. This song WILL get me on the dance floor this song WILL make me sing. This song is still my ringtone, from phone to phone to phone.. This song IS the bekki archive. This is my jam.   7

BekkiSymes 20 Sep 2015


mboothbylund 1 Feb 2015

Guess who's been reading Gillen and McKelvie's PHONOGRAM?   1

MylesC 6 Aug 2015