Into The Ocean by Blue October

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ever feel like u were drowning....?

toe_knee3 19 Feb 2012

Current state of Austin.

msaulters 26 May 2015

It's extremely difficult to pick just one song from them. Blue October wriggled their way into my heart since the first time I heard "Congratulations" and it hasn't really left since. If I had to choose just one though, "Into The Ocean" speaks to me more than any of their songs. Lyrically beautiful, catchy tune, and still gives me chills to listen to it to this day. Absolutely grateful to have the opportunity to listen to them.

PeterThomas6 24 Sep 2014

Throwback. Just noticed one of the members playing a Chinese Erhu in the music video. :]

TamosClaro 21 Apr 2013

Thanks to my nephew for including this song in a "Mixtape" that he sent me once.

gengelcox 21 Apr 2012