(Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult


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jmac 21 Jun 2014

When websites respect data portability, you don't have to fear the reaper

JoshConstine 9 Aug 2015

Came the last night of sadness And it was clear she couldn't go on Then the door was open and the wind appeared The candles blew then disappeared The curtains flew then he appeared... saying don't be afraid Come on baby... and she had no fear And she ran to him... then they started to fly They looked backward and said goodbye... she had become like they are She had taken his hand... she had become like they are Come on baby... don't fear the reaper   6

kerheb 26 Aug 2015

Don't fear The Reaper.

GoGoDocZilla 2 Jul 2015

Do not fear the end of #ThisIsMyJam friends. And as always, use more cowbell.

ThePinkPhantom 22 Aug 2015

Well, this seems relevant

Eastmad 9 Aug 2015