Song 2 by Blur

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purplesunset54 20 Sep 2015

Waiting for a funny cover of Blurred Lines from Vampire Weekend yesterday... Got a crazy cover of Blur! WOO HOO!!! Awesome gig from awesome guys #ILoveMyLife   6

MyBlueElephant 22 Nov 2013

Sing to me.

pip 4 Sep 2015

This song always lightens things up for me. Hope you'll enjoy Blur's Song 2.

RKDarnell 22 Jul 2014

joking about our made up band Disappointment Fig lead to talk of Damon Albarn and indifferent-yet-cracks-of-heartbreak-come-through vocals and here we are. ETA: this lead me to this: and uh, i heartily approve.   2

ifjuly 21 Apr 2014

when I was young...   2

Kuzeko 18 May 2015