Song 2 by Blur

pip’s jam on 21 Feb ’15 and then once after that (See all)

“Happy birthday Buster! Oh yeah.”

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Happy birthday Buster! Oh yeah.

pip 21 Feb 2015

Waiting for a funny cover of Blurred Lines from Vampire Weekend yesterday... Got a crazy cover of Blur! WOO HOO!!! Awesome gig from awesome guys #ILoveMyLife   6

MyBlueElephant 22 Nov 2013

!   1

purplesunset54 20 Sep 2015

joking about our made up band Disappointment Fig lead to talk of Damon Albarn and indifferent-yet-cracks-of-heartbreak-come-through vocals and here we are. ETA: this lead me to this: and uh, i heartily approve.   2

ifjuly 21 Apr 2014

when I was young...   2

Kuzeko 18 May 2015

Sing to me.

pip 4 Sep 2015