There's No Other Way by Blur

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To celebrate news of a new album and the Hyde Park summer show at BST, I'm heading back to their baggy era, pre-Parklife and the Oasis head to head.

AtkoAtco 23 Feb 2015

them woz the days

ashallen 29 Apr 2015

The beginnings of my Love for Blur, still one my favourite bands twenty odd years later!

quiffproquo 26 Feb 2015

Off to Los Angeles tomorriw wooooooohooooooooo

johnbranigan72 9 Feb 2015

Memories.   4

nate_ltd 18 Aug 2014

Finally! After the disappointment of the Big Day Out, I got to see Blur at Splendour and their headlining gig, and they were fabulous!

FunkyJ 11 Aug 2015