To The End by Blur

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"We could've made it..." #EndoftheJamsJam #longliveTIMJ #letsloop   1

paininthebrum 24 Aug 2015

Quite possibly my final offering on #timj. Best wishes to all.   1

baldygit 19 Sep 2015

And that's yer lot. Hit me up on Twitter, laters. @reyes

reyes 25 Sep 2015

Inspired by @abigail.deeks' last jam this is one of my favourites from possibly my favourite Blur album Parklife. Although I can never get the words 'she didn't do much did she?' out of my head after playing it thanks to Vic and Bob! (happens about 6.22) I wouldn't advise playing the clip after 6.27 though - really, it's for your own good!   4

PartyTearsFew 12 Aug 2015

obligatory farewell   1

vinayj 26 Sep 2015

This song is 20 years old   7

pabloldias 20 Mar 2014