Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada

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but ianbetteridge was first  

this song was my introduction to this excellent band, years ago. still love them to this day.

Camp_Ave 21 Jul 2014

Five minutes of sheer ecstasy.   2

CaptainJam 3 Apr 2014

Is that some Big Muff tones I hear?

toby 25 Jul 2012

This is it, basically. The Eternal Jam, the one track to rule them all. Goosebumps each and every time, five minutes just goes by where nothing else matters. With headphones, it's the apotheosis of electronic music.   1

jonespaulr 29 Oct 2014

Its about time these fuckers brought a new album out !

blushift01 25 May 2012

From the last time someone jumped so far

tilapia 15 Oct 2012