Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan


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It's just one of those days.   4

amortentia 8 Aug 2012

Jammin'   1

noborderadio 10 Oct 2014

50 people were shot at a theater in Denver during the new Batman film. 12 died. Keep them in your prayers.   4

iplaydageetar 20 Jul 2012

I know it's an obvious choice but it was played on the radio and I thought 'damn, I really love this tune, I need to share it!' Bob's version will always be my fav.   6

HappyZebra 14 Jul 2013

It's his birthday. Didn't mean it to be so morbid... Or did I....?   4

Grayling 24 May 2013

Sometimes the path is hard but it is worth the walk. #Knockin

TheWrongCast 26 Mar 2015