Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan

“'How Does It Feel?'”

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'How Does It Feel?'

chriswareing56 26 Jul 2012

Ah, fellow jammers, we're coming to the end, hoping of course to gather together elsewhere (we already are, really). Here's my second last of #LastJams - and it needs no introduction and cannot be jammed too often.   6

obadiah99 21 Sep 2015

Dylan transformed popular music with the content and ambition of “Like a Rolling Stone.”   11

phantomstar 7 Aug 2015

I know that this has probably been played a lot but it is such a great song,I just had to go with it.   10

zodat 2 Apr 2015

How does it feel?

yaicha 10 Aug 2015

Some mornings I just need to sing along to this at the top of my voice.   23

BertrandRustles 15 May 2015