Most of the Time by Bob Dylan


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but dani5104 was first  

Came late to Dylan - and still think some of his stuff is rubbish. But give this a go - it's just wonderful...   5

adrianlong61 9 Jul 2015

Im strong enough not to hate I aint afraid of confusion No matter how thick I can smile in the face of mankind

dani5104 26 May 2012

Another hidden gem - this time from Mr Zimmerman's late 80s comeback, Oh Mercy #deepcuts   3

tomdwilly 4 Apr 2014

Last jam. No special last jam, this song just happens to be stuck in my head a lot lately, just like the other 262 jams were. This was fun. I'll miss it. Thank you @thisismyjam for creating it and thanks everyone for sharing the jams.   1

eviperen 25 Sep 2015

Was watching a movie over the weekend and this was in it not that you need a reason to Jam BD?   2

markwakeley 27 Jul 2015

Dylan was fantastic last week. Can listen to him 'All of the Time...'   1

edclarke 6 Dec 2013