The Times They are A Changin' 1964 by Bob Dylan

“Indeed, time for change.”

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Indeed, time for change.   1

MrSmith 19 May 2015

Not.   6

riddsteve 8 May 2015

Could pick anything off this album. Timeless.

jamiecater 16 Jul 2012

Also chosen because of the clever title sequence from The Watchmen   1

mloup 28 May 2014

Alan Moore's 2009 movie "Watchmen" - the opening credits. I'm not really a fan of the superhero movie genre, but this opening sequence grabbed me, not least because of the clever use of Dylan's The Times They Are a-Changin   15

BarneyRubble 1 Jun 2013

Happy 26th Birthday to my youngest daughter Victoria. She shares her birthday (May 24th) with Bob Dylan...Happy 74th Birthday Bob! This was the first song I ever heard Bob Dylan sing...I was 11 & I thought his song was the most interesting thing I'd ever heard. After that I couldn't get enough & because of that I also started listening to Woodie Guthrie, Pete Seeger & Joan Baez.   14

marissapicone 24 May 2015