TTRH Special - Kiss by Bob Dylan

“On February the 14th we celebrate the violent death of 3rd Century Roman and founder of Hallmark Cards, St Valentine. He was stoned and beheaded for something he did or said, no one is quite sure, it was ages ago. Coincidently St Bob sang that everyone must get stoned but he didn’t lose his head over it. So, as an extra special Valentines treat here is a lost episode of the wonderful Theme Time Radio Hour entitled ‘Kiss’. This only came to light a few days ago when it was played on German radio. It’s probably from the second season and I’ll let it play here for a while unless I get a call from the good people at the Abernathy Building. So sit back & pucker up, let Bob snog your ears for an hour but remember, no tongues on a first date.”

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This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by adrian4acn in Feb 2015.