Wedding Song by Bob Dylan

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but michelle was first  

bittersweet love song.   1

michelle 16 Feb 2012

One of my favourites off the Planet waves album :) This seems to be a cover....but the closest I could find, a beautiful song nevertheless .   3

Peacefulpixie 15 Apr 2015

A #WeddingWeek jam for @natyblooming & @Brownpants Bobs often a risky strategy with barbs under the surface but I think this is safe. Best wishes and have a great wedding.   5

adrian4acn 24 Jul 2014

You know, for Valentine's day.   7

ken1 14 Feb 2013

Världens bästa kärlekssång.

PetterMalmberg 7 Oct 2012

Dylan on what marriage is. In celebration of Obama's stance, anger at NC and solidarity w/ LGBTQ friends.

melvillean 9 May 2012