Exodus by Bob Marley


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This is my last jam.. Really gonna miss this place. Thank you everybody for all the wonderful jams! #FinalJam   6

Dalek 24 Sep 2015

Seem 2 b a lot of cool deans leaving BU. In their honor, we give you @BobMarley's #Exodus http://bit.ly/RwnvgK

bostonuonline 2 Nov 2012

"Exodus...movement of jah people". This is one of my favorite closing songs after a great night of dj'ing. It was a subtle way of telling people the bar is closed. You don't have to go home, but you don't have to stay here. #reggae

djheathervaughn 29 Jan 2015

I think people always say they love Bob Marley without actually listening to his songs, just listen.   2

isajward919 7 Jun 2013

And so it begins..... We know where we're going, we know where we're from   52

kemiladashdot 25 Sep 2015

Movin' all Jah people

billybartels 24 May 2014