I Don't Know You Anymore by Bob Mould

“Good new, old fashioned shouty music.”

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Good new, old fashioned shouty music.

andyhunti 13 Jun 2014

Memory of Great NYC Concerts: Dancing with Mr. Mould in the Bowery.

simonides 5 Oct 2014

Another new song from a great song writer and passionate performer. I have broken speakers and amps enjoying Husker Du and Sugar as Bob intended. Here's a song from his just released album 'Beauty & Ruin', it's short and very sweet.   7

adrian4acn 11 Jun 2014

#samplethis : Bob Mould.

mrtuffley 2 Aug 2014

I would buy absolutely anything Bob makes, but this is a catchy, blazing victory of a song.

StormyNorth 18 Sep 2014

Like late-period Huskers or prime Sugar, this new power pop gem is making me feel better about being back at work.   8

simonp 2 Jun 2014