California Dreaming by Bobby Womack

ken1’s jam on 5 May ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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but lloydall was first  

california dreamin, on such a winters day

kkeezziiaa 29 Mar 2014

Get this, classic song, totally funked out of it's sunny face. I need bigger shades.   7

adrian4acn 20 Jun 2012

I've jammed this one before, but in honor of this cold weather and finally watching "Fish Tank," I'm playing it again.

junkycosmonaut 7 Jan 2015

Counter-programming this bull%&^@ weather.   1

jason1749 6 Jan 2014


dicedan81 28 Jun 2014

Great cover by my favourite male soul singer! Enjoy :)   1

goldeneudemon 23 Oct 2012