Cop Killer by Body Count


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We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

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ndreasa 25 Nov 2014

Still banned after all these years? I'm always reminded of this song when I see Ice T playing a cop on TV.

Nickarelli 27 Apr 2012

I frequently pantomime blasting away with pistols akimbo during the little drumroll before the chorus.

bizmarkiedesade 14 May 2012

Rough edged protest gangsta rap with shards of solid heavy metal restlessness is the dark brooding menace of sound pounding from the venom laced lyrical outrage of Ice T. He spits words and reinvents hip-hop...or something.

alanbaillie 21 Apr 2014

I know yo mamma is grieving... FUCK HER! . Really want to see these guys live,

Zango 27 Dec 2014

heres my fucking jam

KayEffKay 25 Nov 2014