I See a Darkness by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy


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I love the chirpy version of this song - and the video is briliant (although I'm not too sure about the "eye" thing.) I fell in love with his cheeky smile and the way he dances - I'd like to go for a drink with anyone that can dance up the street like that . . . Well, you're my friend, (that's what you told me)   20

lindatee 8 Mar 2015

"Many times we've been out drinking, and many times we've shared our thoughts, did you ever, ever notice the kind of thoughts I got?"   1

katfan 30 Aug 2015

One of my favourite ever songs - I always thought it was about depression until Will Oldham debunked that theory in an interview. The lyrics, as ever, are fantastic... Well I hope that someday, buddy / We have peace in our lives / Together or apart / Alone or with our wives / That we can stop our whoring / And pull the smiles inside /And light it up forever / And never go to sleep / My best unbeaten brother / This isn't all I see / Oh no I see a darkness...   7

BelloDiNotte 22 Sep 2015

My brother played this for me yesterday, surprisingly, I'd not heard it before. Just ordered the album...   10

melissapulo 6 Jul 2014

Parallel universes mutate as Will Oldham keeps his eye on the ball, as this must-see video attests …   9

Swampy 11 Oct 2012

It's flipping dark here this week. How about you?   5

purlpower 8 Jan 2015