Baby I'm-A Want You by Bread

“Absolutely awesome track by a great band from the early '70s. #seventies #retro #mellow #rock

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Absolutely awesome track by a great band from the early '70s. #seventies #retro #mellow #rock   2

timmydidge 9 Oct 2013

Elektra UK, 1971

tedwilkinson 24 May 2014

Bread IS my Jam (DYS)

pb14 8 Feb 2013

Rewind to the Seventies! Anything from 1969 to 1980 appears here, so keep 'FOLLOWing'.......   13

leejohnson 29 Jan 2013

Such are songs in my cheesy little parallel life.

suebeckman2 10 Jul 2013

Evening my poppets. In this 'Jammin' with Doc', I come to you as Dr Lurve. Now we presbyterian Caledonian types are in the main, rather reserved on affairs of the heart. Regular readers of my tosh, will recall my having reported on tales from the darker side of my otherwise unblemished character (shut up). However, whilst concocting some culinary comestibles (Dr Alliteration) t'other day, my already chocker mind, drifted a few short years back (alright, alright, many) to age 13 and my very first proper, non-inflatable girlfriend. Long dark hair, firm young body, vampish twinkle in the eye...she was cute too...and yes, I only have one eye. Anyhoo, this lil' number was riding high in the charts & hearts. Now I've never been a fan of Bread, per se. Yes, I love a BLT as much as the next glutton (groan) but Mr Gates (not Bill) has occasionally flirted with my melodious side. Maybe I'm just a soppy old geezer, but I really rate this song. From prog to snog. Lurve, what a beautiful thang...   37

21schizoid 16 Dec 2013