Golden Hours by Brian Eno

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saw me and earl and the dying girl on a free preview pass whim last night. it's molded in a certain cuteness people often mention tiring of, granted, but there was no way i wasn't going to respond to a lot of what was going on in it, pandering or no. this among those things.   2

ifjuly 10 Jun 2015

How can moments go so slow.

simonides 25 Feb 2015

The site does not propose the full version. pty.

sumpler 19 Nov 2014

I used to think this song was merely whimsical. Now it seems like a meditation on aging. From a timeless masterpiece of an album, Another Green World (1975).   2

clementix 18 Jan 2015

The synth riff has been haunting me for days.   1

Enish 7 May 2012

Theme week: Brian Eno's greatest lyrics   1

laerm 28 Jan 2014