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"i've run out of pale ale, and i feel like i'm in jail...." yep. that's about right.

Arthurfrog 9 Nov 2011

Not sure how this missed the cut for the Withnail & I soundtrack - tailor made for it.   5

kerlmann 30 Mar 2015

Heard this song for first time yesterday. Apparently it entered the UK chart at no.22 around 1972'ish but all in all a pretty good song.   4

jonjonjohnny 13 Dec 2014

Yes, I may have put this on before but it's still wonderful! From the 70s? Listen for the cat!

mikedavenport57 22 Jun 2015

A little pearl, devoid of special defects and filled with sparkle.

pivic 23 Feb 2015

Only just discovered this chap (after reading an interview with Noel Gallagher - Morrissey turned him on to it apparently!), this album is an obscure 1970s classic, it's really great. (Thanks Mozza)

misterfusty 24 Feb 2015