Machineries of Joy by British Sea Power

“Cracking opener from the new album”

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Cracking opener from the new album   3

clagnut 29 Apr 2013

An incredibly unsung English band, which is understandable perhaps because they're fairly wacky, but strange because NME bigs up so many steaming piles of indie turd I thought these would have at least got a little go. However they do seem to have a devoted following, which is a billion times more important than getting a shitty number one album or whatever. They have some really anthemic songs which make me feel good and this is a new one of those - but they've been doing it for years! Any English indie band who last more than 5 minutes deserve a medal these days, and these guys are on album number 6!! This is my (admittedly metaphorical) medal to you British Sea Power!   14

mjgBZ32 7 Aug 2013

Track Of The Day (Q322 preview):

QMagazine 1 Apr 2013

Almost forgot how much I like this band.   1

diurnalist 8 Apr 2015

The best stage show I've seen in yonks. My new old favourite band.

steev_nahrbl 2 May 2014

I saw the Power play this with a brass band on Saturday, and very good it was too. But I can't help but worry that the woman in this video is going to get too hot cycling up hills in a big jumper.   3

Owlsoup 27 Jan 2015