Holding on for Life by Broken Bells

“Gran vídeo para una gran canción”

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Gran vídeo para una gran canción

vivoenlaerapop 8 Jan 2014

what a lovely day to be lonely

lisy 10 Dec 2014

Loving this new tune by Broken Bells, its got a superb acoustic guitar right through it and the vocal is great too.   3

madeofstone 26 Jan 2014

falsetto beegees shi. catchy.

bryanwbuckley 7 Feb 2015

What a lovely day to be lonely

malevolosidade 21 Jun 2015

As I am "holding on for life@ I thought the great new song from Broken Bells would be quite apt!!!! Great song...my fave of 2014 ...so far........I hope you all enjoy the jam!   3

njparry 7 Feb 2014