American Skin (41 Shots) by Bruce Springsteen

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but snipy was first  

still relevant, still rockin, first saw him in 1980 in the uk in 2000 seater hall, 4 hrs on stage, sold!   1

macbabylon 6 Oct 2013

The Boss delivers again

Windscreen 21 Feb 2014

Needs no introduction really.   4

obadiah99 25 Jan 2014

It's been one year for John Crawford, with no justice in sight. This is the best version I've heard of this song, since I like how stripped down it is. From an Elvis Costello Storytellers show.

tommoose 5 Aug 2015

the ultimate song against racism, terrible real history. bruce sings with a deep and sincere pain only felt by great human beings. people who care about each other. essential song, because the shots didn´t finish...

zeguto5 26 Nov 2014

Just been listening to the Boss's new album High Hopes. Lots of stand- out tracks but this one caught my ear again and again.   8

BarneyRubble 19 Jan 2014