Slave to Love by Bryan Ferry


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It burns!

rargirl 17 May 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to all the perpetually single cat ladies and bachelor padders out there. In solidarity. <3

james.hirsh 14 Feb 2015

the sky is burning a sea of flame though your world is changing i will be the same #bryanferry #slavetolove #forever   2

jnetbybee 2 Jul 2015

In honor of today, of course! Do I have a Valentine? No, but we're all slaves to love anyway, aren't we? Also, this was played at the very end of Kingsman: The Secret Service and I LOVED that movie with an unnatural love an human is allowed to have for men in suits being badass. <3

ladytian 14 Feb 2015

In the usual place.

flaneur 9 Sep 2015