Truant by Burial

“Actual Dubstep”

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Actual Dubstep

alexmahan 26 Feb 2013

Somehow I only truly listened to this recently, and now it's been my commute jam for a solid week. Solid bass.

joehughes 26 Sep 2013

This afternoon: "Ecole Buissonière". Feel like there are too many people in Paris sometimes. Need Solitude...   12

MyBlueElephant 4 Jan 2013

I just don't believe Burial is a random guy working on his laptop in his apt that kinda likes MGS and 2-step.

tmladek 17 Jul 2014

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Axol 18 Sep 2013

A masterpeice. The "I fell in love with you" sample at 1:45 in the hands of anyone else would sound like pure cheese, but here it's haunting and perfect

JoyrexJ9 15 Dec 2014