Dunkelheit by Burzum

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love the beep boop   1

simongle 10 Jul 2013

After #xosar began conversating with me on the subject of black metal, I hit my dusty mp3 stack and immediately put on Burzum's "Filosofem" which begins with this epic track. The next 5 songs are just as good though, I was tempted to instead post a YouTube link to the full ablum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ZVkESecXk

stellarmagnet 18 Jul 2013

An all time favourite - DARKNESS by DARKNESS. Forget about the man who made it, this is awesome music.   1

stu_christian 7 Dec 2011

The best thing about Halloween is that you get away with posting things like this.   10

ndreasa 31 Oct 2012