Thank You ft. Q-Tip by Busta Rhymes

“Great song, Kanye doesn't exactly do much.”

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but k83n was first  

Great song, Kanye doesn't exactly do much.

Bashmore 19 Jan 2014

This is a super interesting track. I dunno about the lyrics but the long form verse structure is pleasant. I am not sure if buster was the first to do it, this isn't really my scene.

GhostTownGoldie 4 Jan 2014

Been listening to this on repeat every few days for a couple of months now. Still can't get enough of it

clbaldwin 18 Apr 2014

T.G.I.F., bitchez... #goodmorning

jeetcchadha 24 Jan 2014

Nice beat, great to dance to, and I hear a joint being toked on too. Thank you Busta!

SaraCsIt 6 Jan 2014

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Aaaah!!! Yes, yes, a hundred million times yes. Imagine How Good this song would have to be to live up to just the list of people on it. IT IS THAT GOOD. Best use of a sample in yonkers. I want to thank YOU, heavenly fathers (x 4)

luciabartlam 5 Mar 2014