Everybody's Happy Nowadays by Buzzcocks

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CaptainJam 26 Feb 2014

Life's an illusion love is a dream Life's an illusion love is the dream.

barrett32 20 Mar 2015

A deceptively jaunty punk number fairly dripping with sarcasm -- the Huxley link makes me love it all the more!

silvershroud 21 Aug 2013

Bet you are tired of being upset Always wanting something you never can get

gogunners 31 Jul 2013

So, thirty years on I'm currently re-reading Brave New World and today reached the line "Everybody's happy nowadays". Any other soundtrack suggestions welcome :-)

Fullam 13 Jun 2015

Gig number 6 in November is the Buzzcocks in Chelmsford on Thursday, with support from Mandeville.   12

AndyWilkinson 25 Nov 2013