I Believe by Buzzcocks


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i believe in the shape of things to come / and i believe i'm not the only one

msmingusmingus 31 Dec 2014

As far as UK Punk went, it was never the Clash or Pistols for me, but rather the Jam and Buzzcocks. #ABCsOfI

Kid_Dada 12 Feb 2015

There is. No. Love. In this. World. Any-mOore

sandy_jarrell 15 Feb 2015

There is no love in this world anymore

pabloldias 24 Feb 2013

This, and "a different king of tension", from the LP of the same name...

66sunbeam 24 Mar 2013

Someone on Formspring asks why I love the Buzzcocks, which gets me listening to them, which leads to...   6

kierongillen 23 Dec 2011