Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers by Jumpin Jive

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Makes you 9 foot tall when you're 4 foot 5! Also causes spontaneous outbreaks of tap dancing.

rosieclarke 3 Sep 2012

I'm just glad the Nicholas Brothers didn't decide to use their powers for crime!   5

thesunneversets 2 Oct 2014

Everything about this clip is beautiful. You should watch it too.   2

hangingfire 11 Mar 2013

One of the greatest dance routines ever. Reminded of how brilliant both Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers were by a friend's FB post.   2

yolandapowell 9 Sep 2014

Greatest ever dance routine captured on film, and with Cab Calloway performing Louis Jordan's hit, ah they don't get much better! #swing #tapdance #calloway   3

coveredinbeez 4 Dec 2014

"...Solid jive, makes you nine foot tall when you're four foot five!..."   1

RussKinks 31 Jan 2014