Back Against the Wall by Cage the Elephant


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Now you know, Yeah you got my back against the wall, Oh god. I ain't got no other place to hide.

KLS 28 Jun 2013

I'm not a fan of garden gnomes personally. Not particularly fond of front lawns really at all. Or back yards. You have to mow them. I've grown to loathe the chore over the years. If you have garden gnomes, you have to remove them from the lawn before you start mowing. Otherwise you'll either have to mow around them, or if they're not particularly large garden gnomes, they might end up underneath your mower which will not end well. Lead vocalist of Cage the Elephant, Matt Shultz, has gone on record saying a relative used to have garden gnomes and they freaked him out. So apparently I'm not alone in my disdain for them. The official music video that accompanies this song is about the band being unkind to garden gnomes, and garden gnomes being unkind in return. I'm gonna have to mow the lawn again soon. Yay. Summer. Yay. I'd rather just get a cow, chain it to my house, and let it mow the front lawn. Cows eat grass, don't they?

ZachsMind 16 Jun 2015

I've been listening to Cage the Elephant for an entire week on the bus and everywhere I go, so I think I'm officially addicted!

Artylo 28 Oct 2014