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some #korean indie music is so #positive, it makes me feel all smiley and happy

eruwaffuru 9 Jun 2013

Pretty much all of Prolonging the Magic is my jam today.

frogtaco 10 Oct 2014

I have a soft spot (or should that be hard spot?) for Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a low-budget 1989 Japanese body horror film about a man who turns into a walking pile of scrap metal after he hits a stranger with his car (it's followed by two sequels, Body Hammer and Bullet Man). It's a visceral, disjointed and frankly alarming movie, all in grainy black and white with little spoken dialogue and incredible but frightening, janky stop-motion effects and make-up. Its stand out feature, though, is the soundtrack by Chu Ishikawa - a pumping industrial cacophony making use of synths and real junkyard metal sounds to perfectly set the feverish and frantic atmosphere. MG is arguably the film's main theme and gives a perfect feeling for the tone of the movie.

nineofswords 26 Jun 2014

Still love this...

jakobrosenbak 27 Jan 2012