Mars Is No Fun by Camille


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and wander all afternoon / in the shopping mall / of Milton Keynes

deathwarmedover 6 Feb 2012

C'est acoustique!

echtburge 28 Apr 2012

You will never hear the words 'Milton Keynes' sung so nicely.   3

njhamer 1 Dec 2011

awesome. she has the weirdest voice! i love the song topic as well; very original.

fab_fouritis 15 Mar 2012

It's such a catchy song, and the album is just so charming and weird! (I forgive the line about Mars gravity because I love where she goes with it).   5

Murich 23 Sep 2013

She's coming to London this month & her gigs are always great fun.

Leesy 16 Apr 2012