I Want More by Can


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A rare (these days) Dj outing for me this weekend. *Looks in bag, immediately pulls this out first*

MagicAlexDJS 7 Mar 2014

Yes, "I Want More" is Can for beginners, but it's still fantastic. END OF THE WEEK.

gths 3 Jul 2014

Can were on TOTP in 1976! Noel Edmonds introduced them! He made TWO jokes!   7

aanand 19 Nov 2012

almost spoiled by Edmonds at the start but still worth a look....   4

newley 2 Nov 2012

I love CAN. Just close your eyes and go lalalala for the first 20" while Noel Edmonds is being excruciating.   3

AlicejustMay 21 Aug 2012

A little bit of Krautrock from 1976!   8

helloerica 23 Nov 2011