Vitamin C by Can

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“What with it being cold season soon and that.”

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What with it being cold season soon and that.

conboy 13 Oct 2013

this song has been stuck in my head for days....   1

neighto 4 Aug 2015

Instead of TIL it's YIR (yesterday I realized) Pynchon madlibs would be pretty durn easy. Watched Inherent Vice and I've not even read it yet (R has, natch) but it felt like "yep, yep, yep" Pynchon bingo (not a complaint either--I enjoyed myself thoroughly, more than I anticipated, though I also did realize it's hella awkward to sit in a dark theater next to a strange man during intense sex scenes where he shifts his popcorn on his lap like he's trying to hide his boner, poor fella...being a lady has its advantages and not having to worry about visible boners is a plus). Also, it was a little surreal to watch a current movie in a theater and actually recognize 90% of the cast, pretty cool.   4

ifjuly 1 Feb 2015

Hey you! // You’re losing your vitamin C!

CloMlr 27 Jul 2015

Being a reclusive MA student, I'm naturally deficient in Vitamin C.   4

lukestevo26 10 Nov 2014

Saw Inherent Vice last night. I enjoyed it. I'd normally be apprehensive of Thomas Pynchon's books being made into movies. But as it was my least favorite and sole disappointment, I had very little invested.   10

thefamilyghost 1 Feb 2015