Safe and Sound by Capital Cities


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A recently featured track at CHIMPBOT RADIO: Email 'SUBSCRIBE' to for a new song every day! #CapitalCities #ChimpbotRadio #SongOfTheDay

gillig 20 Mar 2015

Extra busy day in @SanditonCA, but here's what I'm listening to while I work.

ggdarcy 15 May 2013

This band from LA just needs one big break, and they are gonna fosterthepeople the world.   1

HerriotMusic 10 Jan 2012

"In a tidal wave of mystery you'll still be standing next to me" <3

honigmuffin 27 Nov 2014

Shutup, you like it too.

bbionic 4 Mar 2015

Celebrating that "Safe & Sound" is in the US top 10 now. Cheers to the bloggers who featured it two yeas ago. #synthpop

daftmonk 27 Sep 2013