Colors and the Kids by Cat Power

“"on a january night"”

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"on a january night"   2

ifjuly 12 Nov 2013

"It must be the colors and the kids that keep me alive. 'Cause the music is boring me to death."

laurenleonatti 25 Mar 2015

'yellow hair, you are a funny bear.'

jrjohnno 5 Feb 2013

Absolutely mesmerizing. If you listen to this while cooking, you will burn the soup...

NoahCharney 18 Apr 2012

'It's so hard to go in the city 'cause you want to say hello to everybody'. Chan Marshall. Beautiful.

feedmewrdthings 5 Nov 2012

Good for Chan that's she all clean and happy now but her music was way better when she was sad and addicted.

jcrystoff 27 Jun 2013