Trouble by Cat Stevens

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For you, @EvanSherow. I am a huge #CatStevens fan, actually, but I haven't listened for years. Then I started to re-read your blog and this song struck me. I love you and miss you.

KateFromage 17 Aug 2015

Sometimes you need a little Harold and Maude to make things better. .... .

HTSpencer1972 4 Dec 2014

Sometimes you hear a song and it seems to become a part of you; you can feel it there--somewhere inside of you--always.

MaryKateClark 8 Oct 2014


batmasterson 17 Jul 2015

There are few instances of a jam being used so effectively to express the emotions of a film as with the use of "Trouble" in the final sequences of "Harold & Maude." The Cat Stevens' tune perfectly underscores the heartbreak of love and loss... the tragic beauty of a profound, but profoundly rejected, romance. Please watch the video!

TragicBeauty 30 Aug 2014

Trouble set me free

koren 14 Aug 2015