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Deerhoof-ish."We landscaped our legacies. And thought about wars." I am half hidden. You are half hidden.

cory 11 Dec 2013

Looking forward to the gig this eve!

benjaminbump 11 Sep 2014

Reminds me of all kinds of things - Stereolab, The Velvets - I love but doesn't get buried under its forebears. A fine, fine tune.

PaulClancyNL 5 May 2014

So, yeah, the dreaded moment has come... this is my #LastJam and it's only fair that I'd pick an artist that I quite likely would not have heard were it not for TIMJ! :) I don't quite know what to say -- only that it's been one hell of a ride! A huge THANK YOU to my fellow jammers who have taught and shared so much, musically and otherwise, and made this community as special and unique as it was, and an even bigger thank you to Matt and Han for creating this little magic home for all of us. Hope to see everyone whether it's at God's Jukebox, Let's Loop, Nusiki, facebook or otherwise -- and most importantly, the spirit of jam lives on! #ThanksTIMJ   3

malevolosidade 26 Sep 2015

I have been whistling the best bit of this for most of the day...   1

benjaminbump 18 May 2014