Supernature by Cerrone


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Here's my contribution to #AWeekOfDisco with a #FrenchDisco jam , which I haven't seen as yet this week.   25

Nuno 30 Aug 2013

Need some disco energy today, love this.....   4

Steve_Marshall 5 Feb 2014

From 1977, this is a #Disco track from the French drummer/producer/composer Marc Cerrone. Released in the same year as 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer which was written and produced by Giorgio Moroder, this was similarly pioneering in its use of synths. I played it in a nightclub on Saturday (helping a friend, as I do most weeks) and I must say that when you turn it up it sounds fantastic - particularly the bass, which is a synth part. Discovered thanks to a mention of it by top DJ Alan Hanscombe on Facebook, although I may have heard it on here first! Apologies if I'm not giving anyone due credit...   3

SiHill 4 Feb 2015

since its the year of daft punk.   7

elifaksayan 18 May 2013

Yeah, they were called Hot Gossip

spikelynch 21 Sep 2014

A wonderful way to spend eighteen and a half minutes....   12

newley 30 Jul 2014