Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan

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but McKelvie was first  

Queen of Funk in her old school 80’s classic, because it’s #FunkFriday. Interestingly, it might have been one of Michael Jackson’s hits from Thriller, had Quincy, who had previously worked with Rufus & Chaka, gotten it his way.   5

homosporocarpus 5 Dec 2014

'Our' song ......words say it all

VickiClements 4 Jun 2015

Terrible grammar, fantastic song.

lorenzomatthew 25 Feb 2014

Dedicated to TIMJ.Sublime soul.   10

tpjdavies 2 Sep 2015

I don't think @warrenellis will approve of this one either, mind you.   1

McKelvie 2 Dec 2011

200!Chosen a classic that I never tire of.Pestered a DJ to play this when it came out and it led to him giving me a job.Excellent live version.   14

tpjdavies 11 Aug 2014